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Episode 2: Mission Unpluckable

by Aaron Blabey (Author/Illustrator)

Book Cover for Episode 2: Mission Unpluckable
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   Book 2   
Pages: 144
Published: 2015

The Bad Guys are back with a daring plan to rescue 10,000 chickens from a high-security cage farm! But how do you rescue chickens when one of you is known as The Chicken Swallower?

Join them as they return for more dodgy good deeds with a new member of the team. And watch out for the super villain who might just be the end of them!

Series Summary

Series: Bad Guys
Tags: first chapter books illustrated humour adventure animals
Series reading level: 7+
Books in series: 5
Should read in order? Yes

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Books in series order
1Episode 1: The Bad Guys  (2015)
2Episode 2: Mission Unpluckable  (2015)
3Episode 3: The Furball Strikes Back  (2016)
4Episode 4: Attack of the Zittens  (2016)
5Episode 5: Intergalactic Gas  (2017)