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The Hey Jack! Series

by Sally Rippin (Author)

Book Cover for the Hey Jack! Series
Hey Jack! is a series of illustrated chapter books for reluctant and emerging readers. Jack is best friends with Billie from the Billie B Brown series and, like his tom-boy best friend, Jack is the perfect antidote for young boys who feel like they can't relate to super heroes or sporting stars.

While Billie likes to dress-up, climb trees and kick a soccer ball around, Jack is quieter and less impulsive. He might be shy, but he shines in his school musical, builds excellent Lego castles and even makes his own robot costumes out of cardboard boxes. Both the Billie B Brown series and Hey Jack! are perfect for young boys or girls who want to read about life-like characters to whom they can relate.

Series Summary

Series: Hey Jack!
Tags: friendship family cartoon first chapter books
Series reading level: 5+
Books in series: 21
Should read in order? No
Next release: Finished

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Books in series order
1The Crazy Cousins  (2012)
2The Robot Blues  (2012)
3The Winning Goal  (2012)
4The Scary Solo  (2012)
5The Worry Monster  (2012)
6The New Friend  (2012)
7The Worst Sleepover  (2012)
8The Lost Reindeer  (2012)
9The Circus Lesson  (2013)
10The Bumpy Ride  (2013)
11The Top Team  (2013)
12The Playground Problem  (2013)
13The Best Party Ever  (2013)
14The Big Adventure  (2014)
15The Bravest Kid  (2014)
16The Toy Sale  (2014)
17The Other Teacher  (2014)
18The Party Invite  (2014)
19The Extra-Special Group  (2015)
20Star of the Week  (2015)
+ Crazy Colouring Fun!  (2013)