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The Horrible Geography Series

by Anita Ganeri (Author)

Book Cover for the Horrible Geography Series
Geography has never been so horrible! 'Horrible Geography' is a series of books written by Anita Ganeri and illustrated by Mike Phillips, and is a spin-off from the 'Horrible Histories' series. The books are designed to be entertaining, with humorous cartoon illustrations, and encourage children's natural interest in the striking phenomena of the geographical world by concentrating on the trivial, unusual, gory, or unpleasant. In this series, you'll find out things like: what happens when a volcano turns nasty; whether you'd survive at the frozen poles; and how a frog can help you get a drink in the desert. From the perishing poles to desperate deserts, stormy weather to earth-shattering earthquakes, these books are crammed full of far-out facts. Geography with the gritty bits left in!

Series Summary

Series: Horrible Geography
Tags: science & technology illustrated non fiction humour nature
Series reading level: 7+
Books in series: 19
Should read in order? No
Next release: Finished

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Books in series order
1Odious Oceans  (1999)
2Stormy Weather  (1999)
3Violent Volcanoes  (1999)
4Earth-Shattering Earthquakes  (2000)
5Desperate Deserts  (2000)
6Raging Rivers  (2000)
7Freaky Peaks  (2001)
8Bloomin' Rainforests  (2001)
9Perishing Poles  (2002)
10Wild Islands  (2004)
11Monster Lakes  (2005)
12Cracking Coasts  (2006)
+ Intrepid Explorers  (2003)
+ The Horrible Geography of the World  (2007)
+ Wicked Weather (Handbook)  (2008)
+ Wild Animals (Handbook)  (2008)
+ Planet in Peril (Handbook)  (2009)
+ Vile Volcanoes (Handbook)  (2010)
+ Perilous Poles (Handbook)  (2010)