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The Rainbow Beauty Series

by Kelly McKain (Author)

Book Cover for the Rainbow Beauty Series
Abbie's life feels like one big rain cloud since her parents split up. Now she lives with her mum and sisters in a grotty flat, in a whole new part of the country. Only new friends, Ben, Summer, and gorgeous, guitar-playing Marco, offer her a silver lining.

 A heart-warming series about a family who sets up a homemade cosmetics business against all the odds, amidst plenty of dramas, highs and lows. A perfectly pitched bridge between junior and young adult fiction, especially for 'tween' girls with an interest in beauty and fashion.

Series Summary

Series: Rainbow Beauty
Tags: family friendship romance girls realistic fiction
Series reading level: 11+
Books in series: 3
Should read in order? Yes
Next release: Finished

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Books in series order
1Peppermint Kiss  (2013)
2Strawberry Summer  (2013)
3Blueberry Wishes  (2013)