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The first artwork Sean Tiffany was proud of was a coloring book picture of the three little pigs that he had colored without going outside of any of the lines. He was three years old and the picture was colored entirely with orange crayons. His parents should have known right then...

Award nominated, Sean has worked in the illustration and comic book fields for over fifteen years, working for some very high profile clients as well as serving a stint as an instructor at his alma mater, the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Arts, Inc. in northern New Jersey.

Raised on a small island off the coast of Maine, Sean now resides in Boulder, Colorado. From his studio he continues to work hard for all his clients as well as work on his newest multimedia creation, OilCan Drive.

Author's Comment: I usually prefer to read the story first, draw the interiors, and then do the cover last. I feel like I get to know the character as I draw the interior and then, when I do the cover, I can do my best version of him. It's hard to sometimes figure a character out from a description as simple as, "...a 14 year old Asian boy rides a skateboard in a skate park."

Nationality: American

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