9 Ways to Find Good Books for Kids and Teens

More unique search methods than any other children's reading website!

Can't find a good kid's book or series? If you're looking for new ways to find great books and riveting series for children and young adults, you've come to the right place!

At Cereal Readers, our aim is to provide as many ways to search as possible, so that you can find just the right book—and just the right series—for right now.

Sometimes you have a particular series or author you already know about; other times, you need help to find a good book or series. Sometimes, that inspiration comes from a different way—a new lens, if you will—to sort and view book choices. Look no further than the list below!

  1. Reading level browsing
  2. Multi-genre searches, with or without an age range
  3. Single interest/genre tag selections: On a desk top? View left of page. Using a mobile device? Head to our home page.
  4. Award-winning series and books  
  5. Long reads for kids (series containing books with 350+ pages)  
  6. Series featuring a book trailer introduction video—a great way to engage younger or reluctant readers!  
  7. All series—with A-Z sub-categories
  8. All authors—with A-Z sub-categories
  9. Search by reading age:

If you have a children’s or YA series you’d like to see added, please contact us and let us know!