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Kelly McKain is an English children's author who has more than thirty books to her name! After graduating from university, Kelly worked as a copywriter in an advertising agency and then as a kindergarten teacher. She loved reading to her pupils and quickly made the decision to try her hand at writing. After completing a creative MA and practising a lot, her 'Mermaid Rock' stories were picked up for publication in 2003, and their success gave rise to several more series including 'Animal SOS,' 'Fairy House' and 'Pony Camp Diaries.'

Kelly says she loves being a full time author because "...the writing itself is such fun, the school visits are great, and it's a licence to be nosy!"

She currently lives in Haslemere, Surrey with her partner, their daughter (affectionately known as little Miss Holly Bee), their baby Freddie and a super-speedy, fairly smelly dog called Lottie the Lu.

Author's Comment: I LOVE Cathy Cassidy's books and have read most of them now (still a few to go though - yay!). I think my fave is 'Sundae Girl.' I also love Louise Rennison's 'Georgia Nicholson' books and I have just got the first book in her new series about Tallulah Casey, Withering Tights - SOOOOO can't wait to read that! I love reading Lisa Jewel's books, and always get excited when a new one comes out, and the same for Marian Keyes too.

Nationality: British

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