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Kristen Simmons is the author of the Article 5 series, The Glass Arrow, and Metaltown. She has worked with survivors of abuse and trauma as a mental health therapist, taught Jazzercise in five states, and is forever in search of the next best cupcake. Currently she lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband, where she spends her days supporting the caffeine industry and chasing her delightfully rambunctious son.

Author's Comment:

Why do you write young adult books?

I write them because they are my favorite to read. I grew up reading Madeline L’Engle and Susan Cooper – authors who focused on the process of growing up, who strived to answer the questions of why we are the way we are, why we do the things we do and where our beliefs actually came from. Our experiences shape us, and young adult books outline those experiences, whether they are traumatic or funny or profoundly embarrassing. They document some of the most formative years of our life: the time when we try on new hats and experiment with who we want to be.

Nationality: American

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