Odious Oceans

by Anita Ganeri (Author)

Book Cover for Odious Oceans

   Book 1   
Pages: 160

A guide to oceans with the gritty bits left in! Read the reporter's guide to the seabed: uncover the details of the Titanic's last day; see if you're nautical enough to join the Navy; shudder at ships lost in the Bermuda Triangle; and tremble over modern-day pirates who terrorize the seas. Where in the world can you: Tuck into a poisonous pufferfish? Spot some perilous pirates? or Explore the savage seabed? Read 'Odious Oceans' and find out!

Horrible Geography Series—Summary and Book Order

Series: Horrible Geography
Reading level: 7+
Books in series: 19
Read in order? No
Next release: Finished
Tags: science & tech (STEM)  illustrated  non fiction  comedy & humour  nature 

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Books in series order

1.   Odious Oceans  (1999)
2.   Stormy Weather  (1999)
3.   Violent Volcanoes  (1999)
4.   Earth-Shattering Earthquakes  (2000)
5.   Desperate Deserts  (2000)
6.   Raging Rivers  (2000)
7.   Freaky Peaks  (2001)
8.   Bloomin' Rainforests  (2001)
9.   Perishing Poles  (2002)
10.   Wild Islands  (2004)
11.   Monster Lakes  (2005)
12.   Cracking Coasts  (2006)
+   Intrepid Explorers  (2003)
+   The Horrible Geography of the World  (2007)
+   Wicked Weather (Handbook)  (2008)
+   Wild Animals (Handbook)  (2008)
+   Planet in Peril (Handbook)  (2009)
+   Vile Volcanoes (Handbook)  (2010)
+   Perilous Poles (Handbook)  (2010)