Wild Islands

by Anita Ganeri (Author)

Book Cover for Wild Islands

   Book 10   
Pages: 127

Geography with the gritty bits left in! Does geography grind you down? Fed up with miserable maps, rotten rock piles and crazy contour lines? Wave goodbye to boring geography lessons as you are cast away on the far-flung shores of 'Wild Islands'...Marvel! as a brand-new island pops up from the sea. Gasp! at the hot-tempered island that blew its top. Choke! on the smell of an island dragon's foul breath. And if that's not wild enough for you ...discover where to find coconuts with magical powers, try to crack the case of the missing island and read the remarkable story of a real-life Robinson Crusoe. It's earth-shatteringly exciting! Geography has never been so horrible!

Horrible Geography Series—Summary and Book Order

Series: Horrible Geography
Reading level: 7+
Books in series: 19
Read in order? No
Next release: Finished
Tags: science & tech (STEM)  illustrated  non fiction  comedy & humour  nature 

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Books in series order

1.   Odious Oceans  (1999)
2.   Stormy Weather  (1999)
3.   Violent Volcanoes  (1999)
4.   Earth-Shattering Earthquakes  (2000)
5.   Desperate Deserts  (2000)
6.   Raging Rivers  (2000)
7.   Freaky Peaks  (2001)
8.   Bloomin' Rainforests  (2001)
9.   Perishing Poles  (2002)
10.   Wild Islands  (2004)
11.   Monster Lakes  (2005)
12.   Cracking Coasts  (2006)
+   Intrepid Explorers  (2003)
+   The Horrible Geography of the World  (2007)
+   Wicked Weather (Handbook)  (2008)
+   Wild Animals (Handbook)  (2008)
+   Planet in Peril (Handbook)  (2009)
+   Vile Volcanoes (Handbook)  (2010)
+   Perilous Poles (Handbook)  (2010)