At the Show

by Rebecca Johnson (Author)

Book Cover for At the Show

   Book 2   
Pages: 96

Hi! I'm Juliet, I'm ten years old... And I'm nearly a vet!

Chelsea and I are helping our friend, Maisy, get her pony ready for the local show. But Midgie is more interested in eating than in learning to jump (sigh). Pony training is a bit more difficult than we thought! We need some good ideas fast, or the show will be a total disaster...

Juliet, Nearly A Vet Series—Summary and Book Order

Series: Juliet, Nearly A Vet
Reading level: 7+
Books in series: 12
Read in order? No
Next release: Finished
Tags: animal  adventure  nature  comedy & humour  friendship 

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Books in series order

1.   The Great Pet Plan  (2013)
2.   At the Show  (2013)
3.   Farm Friends  (2013)
4.   Bush Baby Rescue  (2013)
5.   Beach Buddies  (2014)
6.   Zookeeper for a Day  (2014)
7.   The Lost Dogs  (2014)
8.   Playground Pets  (2014)
9.   Outback Adventure  (2015)
10.   Cat Show Queen  (2015)
11.   The Big Flood  (2016)
12.   Rainforest Camp  (2016)