The Adventures of Super Diaper Baby

by Dav Pilkey (Author) George Beard (Co-Author) Harold Hutchins (Co-Author)

Book Cover for The Adventures of Super Diaper Baby

Companion book
Pages: 128

Oh, no! It's not enough that George and Harold have invented Captain Underpants, the greatest superhero of all time, and that they've also saved the world FIVE times! They defeated Dr. Diaper! They punished Professor Poopypants! And they whacked the wicked Wedgie Woman! What task could be worse?!!? This one: As punishment, the boys have to write a 100-page report on "good citizenship," and they have been specifically ordered NOT to write another comic about Captain Underpants. So what do they do? Aha! Meet Super Diaper Baby - the most powerful peewee to pack a punch. With Pilkey's typical over-the-edge humor, Super Diaper Baby will have kids laughing until soda comes out their noses.

Note: This book is written by two fictitious young boys and intentionally contains spelling and grammatical errors.

Captain Underpants Series—Summary and Book Order

Series: Captain Underpants
Reading level: 7+
Books in series: 17
Read in order? No
Tags: comedy & humour  cartoon  fantasy  boys 

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