The Billie B Brown Series

by Sally Rippin (Author) Aki Fukuoka (Illustrator)

Book Cover for the Billie B Brown Series
Reading level: Ages 5 and up
Books in series: 28
Read in order: No
Next book: Finished
Tags: friendship  family  cartoon  first chapter books 

'Billie B Brown' is a series written by award-winning author Sally Rippin and illustrated by Aki Fukuoka. Designed for reluctant and emerging readers, this series is the perfect introduction to chapter books. The title character, Billie, is a feisty tom-boy who provides a refreshing change for young girls (and parents) who are tired of fairies and princesses. She is 100% herself, stands up for what she believes in, protects her friends and does it all in her own special way. Billie's best friend is her next-door neighbour Jack, who is good at building cubbies, but not as good as Billie on the monkey bars. The 'Billie B Brown' series prepares girls for new social situations, and they will recognise their own lives reflected in Billie's 'real world' adventures. From their scary first sleep-over, to learning not to tell lies, Billie B Brown is there to show them the way.

Billie B Brown Series Books in Order

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1. The Soccer Star  (2009)
2. The Bad Butterfly  (2009)
3. The Midnight Feast  (2009)
4. The Second-Best Friend  (2010)
5. The Beautiful Haircut  (2010)
6. The Extra-Special Helper  (2010)
7. The Perfect Present  (2010)
8. The Secret Message  (2011)
9. The Big Sister  (2011)
10. The Birthday Mix-Up  (2011)
11. The Little Lie  (2011)
12. The Best Project  (2011)
13. The Spotty Holiday  (2011)
14. The Cutest Pet Ever  (2012)
15. The Pocket Money Blues  (2012)
16. The Copycat Kid  (2012)
17. The Deep End  (2012)
18. The Night Fright  (2012)
19. The Bully Buster  (2012)
20. The Missing Tooth  (2012)
21. The Grumpy Neighbour  (2020)
22. The Hat Parade  (2020)
23. The Honey Bees  (2020)
24. The Baby Bird  (2021)
25. The Best Day Ever  (2021)
+ The Super-Dooper Colouring Book!  (2013)
+ The Big Book of Billie, Volume 1  (2015)
+ The Big Book of Billie, Volume 2  (2018)