The Alice in Wonderland Series

by Lewis Carroll (Author) John Tenniel (Illustrator)

Book Cover for the Alice in Wonderland Series
Reading level: Ages 8 and up
Books in series: 2
Read in order: Yes
Next book: Finished
Tags: fantasy  adventure  illustrated  comedy & humour  classic 

Weary of her storybook, one 'without pictures or conversations,' the young and imaginative Alice follows a hasty hare underground - to come face-to-face with some of the strangest adventures and most fantastic characters in all of literature. The Ugly Duchess, the Mad Hatter, the weeping Mock Turtle, the diabolical Queen of Hearts, the Cheshire Cat - each more eccentric than the last - could only have come from that master of sublime nonsense, Lewis Carroll. In penning this brilliant burlesque of children's literature, this farcical satire of rigid Victorian society, this arresting parody of the fears, anxieties, and complexities of growing up, Carroll was one of the few adult writers to enter successfully the children's world of make-believe, where the impossible becomes possible, the unreal becomes real, and where the heights of adventure are limited only by the depths of imagination.