The Lulu Bell Series

by Belinda Murrell (Author) Serena Geddes (Illustrator)

Book Cover for the Lulu Bell Series
Reading level: Ages 6 and up
Books in series: 13
Read in order: No
Next book: Finished
Tags: animals  adventure  first chapter books  family  friendship  nature 

Meet Lulu Bell. Where there's Lulu, there's family, friends, animals and adventures galore!

Lulu is a fun-loving, sometimes bossy eight-year-old girl with long honey-coloured hair. She is the practical one in the family – which is fortunate because the rest of the family is slightly zany.

She has a sister called Rosie, who is six and loves wearing angel wings and sparkly shoes, and a three-year-old brother called Gus, who likes to wear his superhero suit, even in the bath.

Lulu's dad, Dr Bell, is a busy vet, while her mum is an artist. The Bell family have lots of pets, including two dogs called Asha and Jessie, two ginger cats called Pickles and Pepper, some ducklings, and a rabbit. Their home in Manly is right behind the vet hospital, so Lulu helps her dad care for injured and orphaned animals including a baby possum and, in book one, a naughty runaway pony. Some of the stories were inspired by author Belinda Murrell's own childhood experiences growing up in a veterinary hospital and living with so many gorgeous pets.

Lulu's adventures will appeal to fans of the Billie B Brown series who are looking to try something slightly more challenging. Readers who enjoy the Clementine Rose or Animal S.O.S series will also be thrilled by this series for younger readers.