The Ship Breaker Series

by Paolo Bacigalupi (Author)

Book Cover for the Ship Breaker Series
Reading level: Ages 13 and up
Books in series: 2
Read in order: No
Next book: Finished
Tags: adventure  science fiction  fantasy  dystopian  post-apocalyptic  steampunk 

In America’s Gulf Coast region, where grounded oil tankers are being broken down for parts, Nailer, a teenage boy, works the light crew, scavenging for copper wiring just to make quota — and hopefully live to see another day. But when, by luck or chance, he discovers an exquisite clipper ship beached during a recent hurricane, Nailer faces the most important decision of his life: Strip the ship for all it’s worth or rescue its lone survivor, a beautiful and wealthy girl who could lead him to a better life...

Ship Breaker Series Books in Order

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1. Ship Breaker  (2010)
2. The Drowned Cities  (2012)