The Maximum Ride Series

by James Patterson (Author)

Book Cover for the Maximum Ride Series
Reading level: Ages 11 and up
Books in series: 9
Read in order: Yes
Next book: Finished
Tags: fantasy  science fiction  paranormal  action  post-apocalyptic  mystery 

Many kids daydream about having wings and being able to soar across the sky. Be careful what you wish for. For the narrator, 14-year-old Max, it’s no dream.

Maximum Ride is Max’s full name, and she lives with her close-knit 'family': They may not be related to her by blood, but the six of them – Fang, 14; Iggy, 14 and blind; Nudge, 11; the Gasman, 8; and his little sister, Angel, 6 – have spent the past four years hiding out at a house high in the mountains. The six children were bred by scientists who, as an experiment, grafted avian DNA onto their human genes, and kept them in cages in a science lab/prison called the School. They’re 98% human, and 2% avian. They’ve all got wings. And they can fly.

The scientists have developed another mutant group, part human, part wolf, called Erasers. They look human, but can morph at will into fanged and bloodthirsty wolf men. When Max's nightly nightmare of being discovered by Erasers comes true one morning, Angel is kidnapped and taken back to the School. Max and her flock set out on a rescue mission, which, if there are no interruptions, will span 600 miles and 7 hours of flying time. But, unfortunately, there are many interruptions...

Maximum Ride Series Books in Order

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1. The Angel Experiment  (2005)
2. School's Out Forever  (2006)
3. Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports  (2007)
4. The Final Warning  (2008)
5. Max  (2009)
6. Fang  (2010)
7. Angel  (2011)
8. Nevermore  (2012)
9. Maximum Ride Forever  (2015)